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About fly girls

I am a swim mom.  I am not really sure when I made the transition from being a mom whose kids swim to a “swim mom”.  It might have been the day I learned the difference between butterfly and breaststroke.  Or the day I actually rattled off one of my kids times from memory.  Or when I quit asking what IM meant and actually knew the order of it.

My oldest, Grace swam for a few years before I had any interest in the sport.  We joined a summer team and all three girls swam on it and I became hooked.  At that point, I still didn’t understand swimming but I knew I loved it.  I asked a lot of questions and started to learn the sport.  It helped that dad was a die-hard swimmer, it was in his blood.

I started this blog as a brain dump.   I often feel like the proverbial fish out of water in the world of swimming. I navigate the world of swimming with humor, wine and pool nachos.


11 thoughts on “About fly girls

  1. I like how you refer to Kelly in the third person- like that episode of Seinfeld “The Jimmy”. Always laughing with you, friend. You are hilarious and I LOVE the title of your blog. GIRL POWER!

  2. LOL! I was thrown into that unknown world of swimming just this year as both my daughters decided to do year round. Top that off with my husband being nominated as the summer swim team board president and the water runs our lives. I never actually know what’s going on at the meets because I don’t know jack about swimming. But, hey, at least I’m there! Can’t wait to read more of your stuff!

  3. Now you can refer to yourself as an “Award-Winning Blogger!” Consider yourself Liebstered!

  4. Once a swim mom, always a swim mom…my baby, a fly guy, swam in his last meet back in February after 16 years of swimming. He swam at Fairfield University, a small Jesuit Division I school where he was a star…student.

    Championships were emotional and exciting. At the end I cried like a baby. Twelve years competing where we were primarily responsible for getting him from point A to point B then 4 years driving at least 7 hours to each meet (we missed fewer than 10 meets in his 4 years of college). That meet felt like an end…the end of the major activity in his life.

    When he graduated with highest honors last month I stood proudly and watched my son fulfill his dream. He was on a team, he had a blast and best of all, he had a JOB!

    I will enjoy your writing as you experience something with your children you will remember always.

    Here is one of my posts about being a swim mom.

    Have a yummy week!

    Facebook: JudeTheFoodie

  5. My pleasure. Enjoy your summer. Swim meets are over for us…now the CPA exam has taken over.

  6. Sounds sweet. If you every need some extra tips and tricks, I’d be willing to lend a hand :)

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