The Asses of Swimming

No, not the jackasses.  Trust me that will come soon but I am going to make you wait a bit on that, you are going to have to get to know me first.

People, for the love of god, before you go to a swim meet PLEASE sit in a chair bend forward and the take ONE hand back to the base of your spine and feel if your freaking ass crack and or thong is hanging out.  If it is change your fucking clothes.  I don’t want to look at that for three straight hours!  It gets hot in there and I really don’t need to see your sweaty ass crack.

I saw a dude in overalls once at a meet.  While it is certainly isn’t a fashion mistake I would make, it sure does eliminate the risk.

I came up with an idea once at a swim meet.  We could surgically implant a small hook about three inches above the tailbone (right about where you got your tramp stamp 18 years ago).  Jeans could be outfitted with a small eye clasp.  When hook and eye join up, presto magico, no more nasty ass crack.

We could even go all fancy which would blend nicely with that lovely tramp stamp

Your thoughts are?

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