The Team Spirit Caravan

Who the hell came up with the idea of writing all over the car with car makers the night before a big meet?  Who fucking cares if you have team spirit, this isn’t the damn homecoming parade.  For some reason though the kids LOVE writing all over the car with markers (as if they haven’t done enough damage to the inside of the car they somehow feel the need to destroy the outside too).

Being the awesome mother that I am (I was probably having a contraband glass of wine truth be told and couldn’t be bothered) I told the kids to have at it.

And this is what I got:

Whoo hoo!  Go Dophlines!  Who says swimmers aren’t dumb?

PS It took me a week to notice I was driving around town with Dolphins spelled incorrectly on my window.

And, for your information, if you leave this paint on too long (6 plus months) it never comes off.  Traded it in this way.


Your thoughts are?

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