My 7 year old is blackmailing me to get a technical suit.

Valentine’s Day is the dumbest damn holiday.  My kids got more candy on Valentine’s Day than they did on Trick or Treat!  And no one sent me the memo that I was supposed to get my kids a present.  Yeah.  So, we didn’t.

They came running down on Valentine’s Day screaming “We love you”.  No wait, they didn’t.  They were yelling “What did you buy us for Valentine’s Day.  Yeah.Nothing.At.All.

Quick on my feet, I tell my husband “let’s tell them that we went to buy them new practice suits yesterday but they had so many cool new ones in that we decided to let them pick their own!”  I don’t know how I came up with this so fast but it was a total win-win because not only do they like buying new practice suits, but they actually need them!

What I didn’t count on was little miss Sophie being within ear shot.  She kept this information to herself.  For a while.  She then approached me alone, while I was shopping on (knowing that I would likely say yes to just about anything) and said “instead of a practice suit I want a tech suit”.  Nordstrom didn’t have anything that I couldn’t live with out on this particular Thursday so I happened to hear her.  “What huh?” I say.  Her –  “I WANT a tech suit!”

Just so you know, when I see a kid doing a 49 second 25 back stroke at a mini meet wearing a tech suit, I think to myself those parents should be shot!  A suit isn’t going to help this kid shave 2 seconds off much less the 20 seconds she needs to!  I mean REALLY?!?!   A tech suit for a 7-year-old!?!?!  We held out until Grace was 12 and Sarah couldn’t care less (she does want a $100 bag to carry a soccer ball around in though).  There is no way in hell I am shelling out $120 for a suit for a 7-year-old.

Back to the story.   She looks me square in the eye with those steely eyes of hers and says…”I will tell Grace and Sarah you forgot Valentine’s Day.

My palms turned sweaty.  I started to get a little nervous and my heart skipped half a beat.  I am really panicking at this point.  Then I remember that I don’t give a shit.

I look my other two square in the eye and say, “remember when I told you I wanted you to pick your own suits?  It was a total lie.  Dad and I didn’t buy you a thing”.  (They should learn how to self gift, as luck would have it I DID find some new shoes and thanks to Nordstrom free shipping I was wearing them two days later).  Take that blondie.  I am not afraid of you.

My oldest walked off with a smirk on her face.  I’m starting to think she was in on it.

2 thoughts on “My 7 year old is blackmailing me to get a technical suit.

  1. Hi Kelly! Thanks so much for joining in with Youth Sport Weekend!!! It’s so great to meet you…..I’m so looking forward to reading more of your wonderfully funny blog. I’m just starting out being a parent of a swimmer so I’ll be sharing the ride, and the laughs along with you!!

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