Just add water

How hard is it to follow simple directions? Sophie has a mini meet this weekend and dad agreed to take the Saturday leg if I would do Sunday. Before you send me a virtual high-five for sleeping in on Saturday, know that I got to take Grace to her even earlier practice. And I also scored Sarah’s 7 AM drop off today, along with meet duty. I foresee some retail therapy in my future.

Being the wonderful (control freak) wife that I am, I packed Sophie a bunch of snacks in her Hello Kitty lunch box with a note that said “swim fast, I love you”.

I also emailed dad. I sent him the name of the pool, the address and warm up times. Last but not least, the very simplest of directions.

Get there early. Do NOT drop her off at the door. Park the car and walk her in. Walk her down to deck and find her coach. Do not leave until at least ONE friend is there. Simple. Literally, I handed this day to him on a silver platter. All he had to do was just add water and this one would be in the books.

Instead, he got there late, dropped her at the door and went to park. As fate would have it, she too parked it. Right in side the door in full on meltdown.

Dad calls me in the hopes that I can calm things down. What do I get? Sophie chewing me out because I didn’t even care enough to tell her good luck before I left! At this point I realize the lunchbox and note are home alone, unread and untouched.  And Sophie?  She give a big FU to swimming.

Husband calls in a team of assistants.  Everyone who coaches her, has ever coached her and may SOMEDAY coach her.  They all gave it the old college try.  Straight up – home girl wasn’t having it.  Dad finally lost it and said “you can sit there all you want BUT YOU ARE SWIMMING”.   Sit there she did, pouting and crying.  After a while, I turned my phone off.  It got old.

Who saved the day?  The 21-year-old coach, SUPER TRAVIS saved the day.  He asked her ONE simple question.

What excuse do you have to not swim today?  A bit baffled, Sophie replied “I don’t have an excuse”.  Travis simply said “well, then you are going to have to swim aren’t you?”  And swim she did.  Six personal bests and five ribbons.  I bow down to the greatness of the 21-year-old.

Lesson here?  Leave your excuses in the locker room!  Just swim.

3 thoughts on “Just add water

  1. Why on earth would you miss a swim meet? Never, ever, ever, have I passed up the opportunity to see my kids swim. I have three. It gets difficult. They love that I actually take the time to show up and cheer for them. Never, ever have I had to deal with any sort of meltdown. Maybe because they know both parents will be there if at all possible. Be involved, completely involved. I know the results of this involvement.

    • During said meltdown I was at a swim practice with my 12 year old and then a soccer game with my 10 year old.

      My husband travels for work so I run the show Monday through Friday alone. And quite well I might add. I am very lucky to have a great husband who not only will but wants to take his 7 year old to a meet and lunch.

      We haven’t worked out cloning or teleporting yet but when we do I will make sure to be in two places at once but until then both parents won’t alway be at every meet. It would be at the expense of another child. I won’t judge the parents who skip a meet here and there. I do agree with you that parents should be involved.

      As for the meltdown, she is 7. Your kids never had one? You are either a better parent than I am or you got lucky. My 7 year old has them from time to time. She is the cutest thing ever though.

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