Junior Olympics Countdown

I added a countdown calendar until JO’s, our big spring meet. 12 year old is swimming and the 10 year old would saw off an arm to be able to! She is giving it her all and hopes to come away from our meet this weekend with a qualifying time. Fingers crossed for her.

I thought a JO calendar made me sound like a more caring parent than a calendar that counts down the number of days until I get a two week break from the freaking pool. Our first since September.

I am seriously psyched about not washing towels, driving to the pool or making my kids two dinners every night. Added bonus – two weeks of NOT hearing “OMG that practice was so freaking hard”.

Oh yeah, and I can’t wait to see some awesome swimming!

2 thoughts on “Junior Olympics Countdown

  1. Your forgot the countdown to worrying they will hurt themselves. One afternoon I left my daughter with her father so I could do some retail therapy. I came home to my DD saying “mom the girl down the street just taught me how to rollarblade, I want some.”
    Me: “Are you hurt? did you fall down?” …..thinking OMG no you have a awsome time and we start championship season this weekend.
    Her: “well you can’t learn without falling down and its just my knees, not any worse than that meet with the velcro on the wall see, can we go buy me a pair…..please”
    Me: “Maybe, not until swimming is over .” thinking OMG you fall down walking why in the world would I want to add wheels.

    • You are 100% correct!

      We are going to Arizona for spring break and the girls asked if they could go horse back riding. I think they were shocked by how quickly I said yes. They can ride in rollerblades for all I care:)

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