Last call…

Tomorrow starts what we call a JO (Junior Olympics) Qualifier.  In other words, last chance meet.

Grace is swimming 5 events this weekend even though she already has 6 qualifying times, the max she can swim at the meet.  She has several that she is just .10 away from making the cut and for the first time in her swimming life she may actually be able to make strategy based decisions as to what she will swim.

Sarah (who up until now hasn’t gotten much press time but I do have a great story about her, you will have to check back) is swimming one event.  50 breast.  She is 10 and will age up before the big qualifier next year.  She is 4 seconds away from the qualifying time but the way Sarah swims, she might take off 5 seconds.  She may add 9 too.  She is 10 and hasn’t found consistency.  She has found concessions though and loves to eat a bagel and muffin a few moments before she swims.  She also had to beg her coach to swim as he felt her time wasn’t quite close enough.  She is going to make one hell of an attorney one day as she put out a case worthy of winning her a shot.

Sarah is very worried about how she will do at this meet.  She is worried that this is her last chance!  Last chance at what?  It is her last chance to swim 50 breast on February 26th.  Other than that it is just another meet.  I want her to do her best but I applaud her for fighting for a shot.  I admire her ability to not compare herself to her sisters.  I respect her fight.  Go Sarah go.

Last chance my ass.  It is about the journey not the race.  She wanted a good pump up song for her ipod.  My favorite is “Lose Yourself” Eminem.

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment,
You own it, you better never let it go,
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow,
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo!

Little heavy for 10.

Bagels are on me Sarah, swim your ass off.

P.S.  Spring Champs is way more fun, all the kids with JO cuts stay home and all the kids who almost made it get medals.  And they have Krispy Kreme at that meet!

Your thoughts are?

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