Oh yeah, I go to school

I swear Grace intentionally qualifies for events at the four-day meets that get her out of school!  The kids have also been late to school a few times because of a late meet or I have to pull them out of school early to get to one.  I have found that honesty is the best policy.

Missed day – Dear Teacher, My child was out of school on Friday.  Please excuse this absence.  We are happy to make accommodations to make up missed work.  Regards, Mom

Late to school – This one is easy, we sign them in.  Reason for being late, I simply fill in the word “late”.  “Not here” works too.

Early dismissal – This is where unavoidable conflict comes in.  Kindest regards, Mom.

I have instructed them not to lie if asked where they have been.  They are to say they were at the Olympic Time Trials.  About half the time teachers believe them.

I understand that the schools have a job to do and that parents make it that much harder.  I never know how the school will react to the missed days and it always makes me so nervous.  To date, we haven’t had any issues.

Would love to hear how your schools respond to missed absences for sporting events.

4 thoughts on “Oh yeah, I go to school

  1. Our principal at the middle school actually wished all the swimmers going to the State meet luck over the microphone in the lunchroom the day before everyone was going to be absent. He is a former swim coach though, so I think we got lucky!

    • It is funny, there are about five of them at the school that miss for big meets. I have never gotten any negative feedback, yet I find myself worrying (needlessly) about it.

  2. The funniest thing I have heard is when a HS swimmer missed school for the state swim meet. At the HS my daughter will attend the rule is if you miss gym you have to make it up before or after school or do a report. So this girl misses school for the meet and the rotation the girl is in happens to be swimming. The gym teacher still made her make up the missed class.

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