What just happened?

Grace swam last weekend at Junior Olympics and was actually allowed to sit out the Spring Champs meet this weekend (A NFT meet at our home pool).  She decided to swim her off events (that would be anything associated with breast stroke).

Got a message from her coach telling me what she needs to do to win 500 free.  Which would be great BUT she had decided not to do it.  I think she would almost rather swim 200 breast.  Coach and I went back and forth that I would try to talk her into it.  I texted her on her way home from school and got a big fat no.

Coach then messaged her and they went back and forth. In the end he promised her homemade fudge if she went and did it.  She is suiting up as we speak.

Two things here.

1.  I am totally fine with my kid telling me no way in hell and then telling her coach sure!


2.  I am fine with her swimming for fudge.  Dude, I might do a 500 free for homemade fudge.

Your thoughts are?

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