Check your ego at the door

The older two participated in a NFT meet this weekend. Sarah loves these meets, she gets to swim her good events against a smaller, slower group of kids. Despite having swam at the Age Group Champs last weekend, Grace opted to swim some events that she had tanked (breast stroke) at the JO Qualifier in February, as well as some events she fell just short of qualifying for (IM’s and 200/500 free).

This landed me in split sessions with 7 hour days. Apple needs to work on the charge capacity of the iphone, thankfully this event was at our home pool so I knew where all the wall outlets are and had the foresight to bring a charger. I usually drive around during the second warm ups juicing up the phone, but I had a primo parking spot and I wasn’t giving it up.

Sarah swam the morning session and did really, well, all over the map. Status quo. I struggle with this kid, her effort is about half assed and it shows in the results. But she also loves to swim, has a great attitude and always has fun at meets. It is funny, I never get nervous when she swims and I am grateful to have one that really just swims because it is fun. It is expensive fun but fun none the less. Glad her soccer is cheap. Yeah no, I am dreaming.

Grace swam the afternoon sessions. She felt a little awkward swimming this meet, it was a no faster than meet so she could only swim some of her “off” events and only one other kid from her group is in this age group.

As luck would have it, I ended up siting next to the “off” mom who felt it was unfair that kids who had the qualifying times for the meet the weekend before were allowed to swim at all. I didn’t feel any guilt about it, the meet specifically stated that you couldn’t swim any events that your time was faster than the posted time. It also happened to be a home meet hosted by our team. For half a second I thought about reasoning with her. And then my friends showed up. Woohoo for friends.

It didn’t go away. She realized that my daughter was in the last heat of 200 free and I am not ashamed to admit it, she won it. Grace was having a good meet. My friend to the left was not.  I have no clue about her kid, she was too worried about mine.  Apparently it isn’t fair that my daughter was also taking away all the ribbons. (1-8). In Grace’s defense she prefers medals. Dear me. I wasn’t going to cheer any more. Her boyfriend showed up and I slid to the right to make room.

Grace swam 6 events and posted 5 best times, 3 really freaking awesome time drops. I am sorry I don’t feel guilty. The lady can have the stupid ribbon. Coming to a meet, swimming your heart out on events you suck at (breaststroke) and doing well means more than a ribbon or a medal. For the record she didn’t get any ribbons in breaststroke. She will keep trying!

We are keeping the free t-shirt though. My kids love their swagger wear!  Check the ego at the door, if the kids can do it, why can’t the parents?

Oh and the cops came to this one too! Glad I kept that awesome spot, illegally parked cars were being towed. Loving the police smack down at meets!


(Side note – I am lucky to have a great group of friends.  We highlight ALL of the kids names that we know in the ONE heat sheet we buy and we cheer for ALL of them)

6 thoughts on “Check your ego at the door

    • These things shouldn’t happen in swimming! It is an individual sport. Let’s be real, it shouldn’t happen in team sports either but it does. It is a shame. I think it is important that as a parent I don’t react to crazy situations. But it is REALLY hard!

    • The upside is that it is an individual sport and the ramblings of the crazy don’t mean a thing!!! I have a pretty good off switch, although PMS tends to affect my ability to keep my mouth shut!

  1. Way to go girl. Fast kids deserve a little pat on the back too. Its hard to always be up against the best and know that you won’t come in any better than 6th or 8th or 3 rd. Unless your mom will figure out how to make go go juice and let you drink it.

    Last year Zoe was 8 so top of her age group. Yes, she is tall, I’m just under 6ft and sometimes over with shoes on. She went into the meet with only 1 AA time (fly), so she swam everything but that event. She got her AA in 4 events. She was a powerhouse. This kid does awsome with a taper 🙂

    I was at the wall checking offical times and place. These parents in front of me started going off about that “Beavercreek girl”. They were talking about my DD in front of me!! After a few minutes I spoke up. “That Beavercreek girl is my DD and yes she is 8, she is tall look at me (I had shoes on and were taller than them all), no she did not have her AA’s until today, Yes she is having agreat meet, thanks for noticing.” The looks on thier faces were priceless.

    Think your going to talk smack about my kid in front of me, no way!!!

    Follow the rules and let the haters hate.

    • I agree!

      I don’t mind if people talk smack about my kid if they are screwing around behind the blocks or goofing off but talking smack about a kid for having a good meet? Isn’t that the point of swimming?

      I also HATE when people say a child is a good swimmer because they are TALL! This may need a whole post. We can co-author this one.

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