Decisions, decisions

We are going on vacation for two weeks for spring break.  I feel a little guilty pulling the kids from school for meets.  Ironically enough, I feel no guilt pulling them two extra days for spring break.  We got screwed on snow days (thank goodness!) anyways.  We head west every other year and spend two weeks visiting family.

I have choices to make.

Do I?

Go Tiger Mom on the kids and make them get in the pool and do laps several times while we are away?

Cross train them with running, core work and upper body strength training?

Work the tans hard-core?

As a group fitness instructor, I work out for a living.  When I go on vacation I do exercise almost every day.  But only because I also like to enjoy good food and I hate to have it catch up to me.  As a full on lover of summer though, I like to work the tan when I can.

Decisions, decisions.  I suspect one of them is too much like me to sit around on her butt for two weeks straight.  But guess who decides?  They do!

Stay tuned, swim mom becomes vacation mom!

4 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions

  1. Go Vacation Mom.

    We cruise for vacation and I always try and get my DD to do some “open ocean swimming” She has yet to try it. The salt water is icky. Well yeah but don’t drink it kid. Maybe this year she will try it.

    I vote for work hard core on the tan but then agin I hate working out myself.

  2. I’d back off and let them tan hard core. My guess is that they’ll be in the pool on their own by the second day. 🙂 Have a great time!

  3. It sounds like the decision is out of your hands! It will be interesting to see what they choose… and how they feel about it afterwards. Interesting!

    • It will be and the reality is they need a break from the pool. On the other hand, I think they, especially the oldest are used to the endorphin release from exercise.

      I see a water park in the mix, that almost counts right

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