Act your age

I have been trying to grow old gracefully but it just isn’t working. I am especially aware of this when I wake up in the morning. It takes me longer to get out of bed, the first few steps are a little achy and the first glance in the mirror reveals a face full of lines.

I do what I can to fight it. I workout, get lots of sleep and have priced out the Botox. Make it stop.

We are visiting family in Sun City, Arizona. Sun City is a community dedicated to retirees.

While taking a walk around a lake last night, a very kind gentleman asked me if I was a sister or mother to the girls. He may have been totally bullshitting me, I didn’t need to know. All this effort to maintain what little youth I can, and I learn I have just been hanging with the wrong crowd! I don’t need to change my perspective, I just need new friends.

Might have to go back tonight. My ego could use it.


Your thoughts are?

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