The unlucky clover

Sarah has been scoring in soccer. Like crazy. When I am not there.

Dad takes her – score. Friend takes her – score. Me – not so much.

She plays in a rec team and the rule is wear red bring white. Or wear white bring red. This has been the rule for oh, I don’t know….five years. We show up Saturday. Sarah in red, team in white. White…at home.

Fortunately, the game was a half a mile from the house so I turned around and got the appropriate jersey.

I got there and they were three minutes into the game. Sarah had borrowed a white long sleeve t-shirt and had jumped right into the game. And of course scored. In the first three minutes, wearing the wrong shirt.

It clearly isn’t the clothes that make the man. Or the mom that makes the game.

On the topic of versing…

Have you ever wondered the difference between swam vs. swum?

If you thought swum was another one of those kidisms, you would be wrong.

About swam vs swum

The regular past tense of “swim” is “swam”: “I swam to the island.” However, when the word is preceded by a helping verb, it changes to “swum”: “I’ve swum to the island every day.” The “’ve” stands for “have,” a helping verb.

So now you know.

Terms of endearment

Don’t you love little kidisms?  You know, those adorable little words and phrases that don’t have any proper place in the English language but they are too cute to correct?

One of my new favorites:


v.  Versed, versing, verse

1. To occupy oneself in amusement, sport, or other recreation

2. To take part in a game
It took me a moment to comprehend it.  We had a soccer game this morning and Sophie was talking to her bestie.  Her bestie said “why are we versing this team again, we versed them last week”?
Last week the other team actually schooled them on the game of soccer, we lost – a lot to nothing.
It turns out that the practice that occurred on Wednesday, otherwise known as the most chaotic two hours of my life, was worth attending.  It also turns out that it was a good thing we got to verse this team again because this time the little grammar butchers prevailed!

See, chess parents are as crazy as swim parents…follow my friend, she is super cool.

Adventures of A Wild Pixie

My son started playing chess last year at school.  They had very good club, led by a chess master.  He learned a great deal and had enough confidence to go to a tournament that spring.  I don’t know what I expected from a chess tournament, but I was completely blown away by the experience.  This is a culture all its own.  In general, it seems entire families are involved in the game.  And it is highly competitive.  The kids are precocious and the parents are largely of the tiger-variety.  That particular tournament went on for hours.  It was pretty unorganized.  My ipad lost its charge halfway through.  I was forced to make small talk for an excruciating amount of time.  Anyone who knows me well knows that any amount of small talk is excruciating for me. I was beside myself with happiness when Jake did not win any certificates or medals…

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When it doesn’t rain, it pours.

I know I once said I hate carpools.  I really do.  Because I find carpools end up working like this…I drive other people’s little monsters all over the place.

The other day though I needed help.  I had about 120 miles worth of driving to do in a two-hour time period.  Kids were everywhere.

Usually it rains on Wednesday.  Which is a good thing.  Because when it rains they all go to swim practice.  When it doesn’t rain, it pours.  Buckets of chaos.  This week was particularly bad.  In addition to one swim practices we also had two soccer practices and a parent meeting for summer swim team that we all needed to attend.

This is how it went down.

At 4:50 I drove all three of my kids to friend A’s house.  I left Sarah at A’s and A took Sarah to soccer.  I then went to friend B’s house and picked up her kid.  I drove her kid, Grace and Sophie to the pool and dropped Grace off.  I then drove Sophie and B’s kid to C’s house and dropped them off.  C’s husband then walked the kids to soccer.

I drove alone, belting out the new Justin Bieber song at the top of my lungs (until I realized I was alone and turned on Gotye) to the parent meeting.

This is where it gets good.  Friend B met my friend A and picked up Sarah.  Friend C grabbed Sophie and A’s kid.  And friend D picked Grace up and they were all brought to the parent meeting.  Before you accuse me of using my friends, they were all coming to the meeting.

The kids were totally confused by the whole thing.  In one of my finer parenting moments I said “If someone you know offers to bring you to me, take them up on it, otherwise you are screwed”.

The mother of the year trophy should be arriving any day.  I hope they spell our last name right.

Homework is hard for me

I have a hard time with my kids homework. Especially using the spelling words in a sentence. Fortunately, they are pretty good at it and don’t need too much help.

Sophie’s writing journal was laying out and I randomly turned to a page.

She wrote:

March 14

Tell me about your luckiest day.

I got 4th in 25 fly with 1 breath. I dove into the water. I took one breath and touched the wall. My coach and my mom were so proud of me!

I was. I am even more proud that she loves to swim. It makes it all worthwhile.

Today was my luckiest day!


This is a great read and a great blog! Check it out.

Religiously Wet

Since we’ve been doing A LOT of IMs lately in practice, you’d think that I wouldn’t be surprised tonight when the conclusion of our main set was a timed 400 IM. From a push. Killer race + huge waves + sleep-deprived teenager = I CAN’T WAIT FOR DINNER!

I respect IMers so much.

As this post is titled, My Thoughts During A 400 Individual Medly:


  1. Oh, yeah! (Think in Kool-Aid man’s voice). I’ve got this better than any of those slackers. Yee-haw!
  2. Gosh, I wish there were less waves. *Cough, cough, Chokes a little bit on water*
  3. Third length, best length. This is where I’ll kill ’em! [Continues to pass teammates.]
  4. Oh no, backstroke’s coming. Oh no, oh no…


  1. [Does underwater fly kicks past the 15-yard mark.] Maybe if I kick underwater the whole way, I’ll stand a chance.
  2. [Does 7 underwater fly kicks] Arm speed, arm speed…

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Me and my OCD

I have what is probably the worst OCD ever if you are a swim mom.  I hate dirty laundry and I freak out if I am more than half a load behind.  Which sucks because my kids use 3 towels a day for swimming.  Grace showers at least twice a day.  Sophie and Sarah when I insist (but mom we swam yesterday).  They also change clothes before practice, for some reason they can’t wear their school clothes to the pool.  I encourage them to hang their towels and use them again but it often falls on deaf ears.  I also think anything that has been inside their swim bags for more than three minutes is contaminated.  We found ants in Grace’s last week.  Sarah’s bag weighs 50 lbs from 3/4 full drink bottles.

My kids also have a hard time deciding what to wear to school.  If Grace doesn’t like what she has chosen she throws it on the floor.  Often with a wet towel on top.  Sarah, she just shoves it in her laundry basket.

Thank goodness for Sophie.  She never second guesses her clothing choices.  I have often have to point out when people look at her outfits funny that she is a third child. Gotta love a kid who doesn’t bathe and doesn’t create excess laundry for me.   Uggs, gym shorts and a pool cover up?  Stylin.

(Yes, I know they should do their own laundry but then what would I bitch about?)


Who brings six 8 year olds to the pool?

A genius that is who. Sophie wanted to have a slumber party for her birthday. The only problem, I like to go to bed at 9:30. Thank goodness her guest list included five friends from swim team.

I loaded them in the car and brought them to our community pool. Aside from lap lanes it also has diving boards and lots of slides. The kids are having a ball getting totally exhausted. Me? I am laughing at all the parents chasing after toddlers. I loved my babies but man that is hard work.

I will feed them lots of pizza and cake and fingers crossed they crash early. Did I mention all but one also had a soccer game today? Man I am brilliant some times.

All kidding aside, I am glad the kids still enjoy the pool when they aren’t practicing! Added bonus, they love the kids they swim with so much that they invite them to their birthday parties!