I will never do that!

We will always. We will never. These are two phrases that parents use frequently when their children are young. These two phrases are usually followed up with a bunch of BS.
When my kids were young I would have bet my life that family dinners would happen nightly. I now find that I am just happy when everyone gets dinner. Sometimes they have multiple dinners. These girls can eat.

There was also no way my kids were going to have activities more than once or twice a week. That didn’t work out quite as planned. Not only do we have nightly activities, there are also nights were my kids have more than one activity at a time. Yes, I paid money to overcomplicate my life.

As a former runner, I had it very clear in my head that I was not going to give up something I loved (running) and that I would always leave enough room in our schedule for the Saturday long runs. Note I said former runner.

We all have friends who make passive aggressive jabs at how we chose to live our lives. I have one in particular who likes to point out that she made a conscientious decision not to put her kids in sports because she did not want to sacrifice family dinners, doesn’t want to spend her evenings running a taxi service and wasn’t willing to give up her own training endeavors on the weekends.

I don’t judge anyone for the way the raise their children (oh maybe a little but only in my head). I also can’t imagine my girls not being in sports. I am willing to break every stupid rule I made as a new parent. I’ll even admit I was wrong. Yeah, all our money goes to pay for activities, we shove food in our face when we can and I use a white board to plan weekend logistics. I try to not complain too much, it is our own created chaos. No use complaining.

I have enjoyed the break from activities and schedules while on vacation. It is an opportunity to see that we are not disconnected as people might suspect. We still like each other and can have fun as a family. That being said, I feel like I am in a time warp. I am starting to miss the crazy routine. I like crazy.

6 thoughts on “I will never do that!

    • What I don’t understand is that she is and always has been an athlete (far better than I ever was). The thing I hope for the most is that my kids become good people because of what they learn through sports. I don’t understand how if sports are important to an adult how they wouldn’t be for their children.

  1. I really get this post! My world seems full of passive aggressive jabs…from ‘friends’ and’ family’ . I know deep down that I’m doing the best I can for MY kids and….the jabbers can go jump!

  2. I love this post Kel. I have been accused of overscheduling my kids more than once, and I’m sure behind my back. Only if I start whining about not getting a second to myself though. I can’t imagine another life. Those of us that are around at dinner time eat together. The rest have a covered plate set aside to reheat when they get home–and that’s the best we can do –we are always milling about chatting anyway. My kids are active, interested and love challenges–I would be doing them a disservice if I didn’t let them explore all their sporty opportunities. Especially if it were so that I could explore *my* agenda. Now I hang out with moms who joke about how overscheduled our kids are. We wouldn’t have it any other way–and neither would the kids!!

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