The Penny Presser

Lions and tigers and bears OH MY! Took the kids to Out of Africa today and saw some pretty amazing animals. Sarah fed a giraffe a carrot out of her mouth. Sophie petted the hugest snake I have ever seen. Grace fed a tiger raw meat.

We went to the Music Museum the other day and the Out of Africa Zoo today. Living in DC I am a big fat cheapskate. I can not stand paying for zoos and museums. I expect them to be free and if they are boring I want to leave. I try to keep it under wraps when I am bored. I have no clue what keeps my kids entertained.

I feel like my kids are pretty well travelled and have been to lots of cool places but the one thing that they are always entertained by is the penny smoosher.

What the hell is up with that? Tigers, Lions, Giraffes and musical instruments from around the globe don’t hold a candle to the penny smoosher. And I never have the .51 cents required to partake. I suck as a parent. Thank heavens they take plastic to get into all of these places. Next time I go into DC I plan to take 6 quarters and three pennies. I plan to show them fun.



Your thoughts are?

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