And perfection would be?

Had an interesting conversation today. One of my favorite topics, or more to the point, debates. How do we teach our children to strive for perfection?

We all want the best for our children. We all want them to do their best. I have yet to meet a parent who says “I really don’t give a shit how well my child does”. Not just sports or academic but all aspects of life.

How we find perfection for our children has been the topic of much debate. Thank you Tiger Mom.

The nagging question is, “what is perfection?”

I am grateful for the lack of definition. It allows me to be smug in my parenting, knowing that at all times I am pushing my children to reach the pinnacle of perfection!

Perfection to me means:

Getting mostly A’s with a B here and there. In pretty hard classes. I am perfectly thrilled when my kid is mastering a grade level ahead. I don’t care if the are doing college courses in 4th grade. I also really have no interest in doing 2nd grade reading assignments so if they can do that on their own – bonus round.

Kiddo doing a non graded, after school science fair project completely on their own (as evidenced by the misspelling of volcano) because they wanted to do it on their own. Score again kid.

Same kid coming to me early in the night saying my spelling words are hard I need your help. And them laughing at me trying to use words in a sentence. Party.

Non complaining car rides to swim practice. No begging me to skip. Kids not faking an injury to get out of practice. Really? You LIKE to participate in your sport? Sweet child of mine!

I might be a total slack ass as a parent. My kids don’t have ulcers, they don’t cry and they don’t throw up from nerves either. I guess I will take the slack ass title and own it. And my definition of perfection is probably closely aligned to above average. Whatever, works for me. Although the bar is always getting higher. See, I see perfection as something worth chasing. Who wants to find it at 12? Downhill spiral from there ya know?

We are coming back from spring break and nearly three weeks out of the pool. Long course season starts and I have a kid who wants to make long course zones more than she wants three new pairs of UGGs. She is 100% capable of making it but also is notorious for being the queen of so damn close. I owe it to her to make sure she is pushing herself harder than she ever has before. She is going to have to put her body in some pain in practice and in her races. I wouldn’t even consider this but I know two things to be fact. She wants to do it. And she can do it.

I am not very good at this hard ass role but I need to figure it out. She is counting on me. New chapter begins. We can do it.

Your thoughts are?

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