Get your ass back home

Finally on the plane headed home. Had a great trip but can’t wait to be back in our groove. I can’t wait to sleep in my bed and go back to our half assed family dinners. Eating out kills my waistline, if we had stayed a few more days none of our shorts would have buttoned.

Every time we go on vacation we fantasize about moving there – no matter where we go! It often involves a lottery win or some other windfall. I actually looked at a 2 million dollar home at The Four Seasons in Scottsdale and found myself thinking it wasn’t big enough.

This vacation had been a little different. My snap back to reality moment wasn’t teamed with sadness. I want to go home. If I win the lottery I think I would have a hard time leaving. I like our community (house is a little small), we have a great school, kids are happy and have great friends. After switching swim clubs last year we are really happy with our team and coaches. As we were pulling into the airport Grace looked at me and said “I can’t wait to go to swim practice!”. No place like home.

Plan B is still Florida. I freaking hate snow.

One thought on “Get your ass back home

  1. YES! Get your ass back home! We’ve learned the hard way not to move where you vacation. It’s not the same. That being said, Florida is way cheaper than Arizona and I’d go in on a house share. Just sayin.
    Lunch soon please!

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