The Butterfly Champion of the

A kid can be the butterfly champion of darn close to anything:

Backyard pool
6 and under summer team
Entire county
Whole zone
Big fat region
Entire world
Own mind
Momma’s family

Little Sophie makes a face every time she meets a kid credited with the “Butterfly Champion of blah blah blah”. Because she has already claimed that title for herself. I might have something to do with that, I convinced her at the age of 7 that she was my fly girl. Yeah, she be looking so fly. Superfly. And that’s where the name flylikeagirl came from. I knew you were wondering.

Grace is a backstroker and I knew Baby Got Back wouldn’t win me any awards. Sarah just learned to say she liked breaststroke without giggling.

I don’t swim but if I did I would be a flyer. Better theme songs.

Your thoughts are?

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