Where are your parents?

Back to the grind! Day one of part two of a three part perpetual season.

I thought I would get a little writing done but alas the lobby is filled with screaming children. There is a definite Lord of the Flies culture going on. Ie suspect that at least two of these 7-10 year olds will grow up and get married.

There are a few who have no parents here. They are the worst. They go unattended for hours. Some of them don’t even practice their siblings do. But their parents drop them off anyways. I don’t know where they all go. I suspect their is a private invitation club. We have only been with this team since September, I must still be in the initiation period. I keep checking my mail.

I don’t always sit around. Surely you know me better than this. There are times when only my oldest swims and I do what I call the drive by. A rolling stop at best. I have better things to do. Like make one of my craptastic meals. Most of the parents of the older kids do this. There are parents that I am not even sure if they exist.

I definitely know the kids though of the parents that never come in. They are the last ones in the pool and first ones out. They pee 22 times. Sit on the bleachers for ten minutes digging through their bag and sit with ice packs on an imaginary shoulder injury.

I can’t be that mom that actually wants to watch practice. My brain would cry real tears if I did that. Instead I have come up with a method of making my kids think I watch practice. Every time I am in the building I make note of something they did in practice and then ask them questions or make comments on the way home. From time to time I walk in with them and wait until they are in the pool before leaving. I also make a point of talking to the coaches when they are available. Often about the weather but the kids don’t know that.

I am of the personal belief that I don’t have to stand with my nose pressed against the glass watching practice. I have even seen parents film or time their kids in practice. I just want them and their coaches to know I am paying attention! And I care.

There is this little boy that spends 3 to 4 hours a night running around that pool. I was going to offer to feed him but my kids told him my dinners were craptastic. I feel sad for him.

One thought on “Where are your parents?

  1. Nice to meet another swim mom. Our “swimmer girl” (also the baby of the family) has one more year of swimming before she’s off to college. Time flies really really fast – hope you enjoy your time with your flygirls.

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