I don’t wanna do soccer

Throwing ourselves wholeheartedly into the over complicated life. I was going over the upcoming weekends events and Sophie overheard me mention that she would have a soccer game.

And then she whined really slowly, accenting every syllable “I DON’T WANNA DOOOOO SOCCER”.

Yeah Sophie. Me neither. It is recreation soccer, it cost a whopping 65 bucks and with two of you playing it certainly makes weekends harder.

But how about when I asked you if you wanted to play again you said NO? Hmmm?

I made her play and the first game was today. She had a blast and on the way home said she meant she didn’t want to play NEXT season. Note to self – don’t sign Sophie up for soccer next season. If I do she has to sign an agreement to play without whining.

7 thoughts on “I don’t wanna do soccer

  1. When the stock market went up and we had oodles of “virtual” money, we felt we could afford a few extracurricular activities and signed up my six year old for an activity a day after school. By the end of a few months – a revolt. S0, next year the seven year did – nothing. By the time child was eight, child was bored and wanted an activity and got to choose. What did the child choose? Voice training! Who would have guessed that is what the child wanted. The child called the teacher, the child set up the time and the child handed the check. As a parent, I watched the child go to this activity with excitement! The child was a lead in the high school musical. Luckily, the child chose one activity. The stock market had crashed and our virtual riches vanished into the thin air they had arrived from. The only positive? Our child discovered a passion from trying everything once.

    • Such a great perspective, thanks for sharing. If money and time were no object I would let my kids try and any all extra circular activity that they were even slightly interested in. Who knows where their true passion lies? At 42 I am still not sure!

    • I teach group fitness classes and most days I don’t want to drag my lazy butt out of bed to go teach but the minute I start I have long forgotten that! With Soph I really do believe she doesn’t like soccer. She likes her friends and half time snacks. She can play as long as she wants to I just need that no whining clause in her contract!

  2. I’m so happy my kids don’t whine about their sports, not yet anyway! My youngest wakes me every morning by asking “do I have ‘nastics today?!” LOL

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