I thought turning 40 was a bad birthday

It wasn’t until my kids starting swimming did I learn what a “bad” birthday was. I always thought 40 was it! Boy was I wrong.

So what makes a bad birthday?

For starters odd years are bad! Forty is obviously good as I would be top end of my age group. Who knew older was better? No age group for old people? Shit. Good thing I can’t swim. I also wish I was only 40.

I also have a late summer birthday, which is great for summer swim team but kind of sucks for fall meets. Again, if you are like me and don’t swim at least you have a nice tan for birthday photos!

It always humors me to hear kids sitting about talking about why their birthday is bad. They are kids – they are all great when you are a kid. Well, not if you are a swimmer.

Speaking of birthdays, the “7 yer old butterfly champ” of my house turns 8 tomorrow. I bought her a Hello Kitty bathing suit. It is a good birthday for me and I am going to enjoy every moment of this year because I feel like this is the last year I am going to have a “little” girl. Bittersweet. I don’t think Hello Kitty warns the heart at 9.

Happy birthday baby girl.

(For the record, NO I would never let my kids practice in a Hello Kitty suit, don’t be judging me).

One thought on “I thought turning 40 was a bad birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to your little champ! I know what you mean about ‘bad’ birthdays…. my girl has just turned 9. She often has to race in the 10&U age group with kids who are close to 11….that’s a big age difference in swimming!

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