I like to swim too

Grace often laments that people don’t “get” what she does. Not just kids but adults as well. Often times when people ask what she does and she responds back with “I am a swimmer” they often reply “oh I like to swim too”.

I am starting to understand the bond between swimmers. I see an unspoken respect between them that I haven’t noticed in other sports. People “get” other sports.

How do you explain to non-swimmers the difference between hanging out at the summer pool vs a two hour practice? How do you detail the isolation and solitude of swimming to someone who plays sharks and minnows with their friends? Try explaining how one tenth of a second, a moment in time so small that most people can’t even make a sound that quickly, can change everything?

Only a swimmer can truly understand what it means to be a swimmer. I am so grateful that my husband convinced me this was a worthy sport for our girls. I only began to really understand the sport about a year ago.

I admit I still have a ways to go but I am always learning

Me, I am not a swimmer. But I love it.

2 thoughts on “I like to swim too

  1. People just don’t get it do they.

    That drives my daughter crazy. 1 kid in her class swears he is a better swimmer than her cause he took swim lessons. I told Zoe to ask him if he belongs to our pool and tell him you would love to race him sometime. His choice of stoke.

    Around here they have lots of cheerleading/dance teams that “Go to Nationals” with like 10 other teams. I want to ask does ESPN cover your nationals, cause I am pretty sure they cover swimming nationals…maybe its ESPN 4 but still. When we say Nationals we mean any swimmer in the country if thier time is good enough can go. Not just members of your cheer team.

    • We went to a pool party in our neighborhood last summer and they did a race 12 and under and then 13 and up. Grace beat everyone in 12 and under and a parent cried foul so she also raced 13 and up, including adults. She had a little extra swagger in her step that day.

      When we go to a pool that requires a swim test I have the girls do a no breather fly. The guards usually hand me three bracelets when Sophie is half way done with her first lap.

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