Party Foul

My girls love a good party. Me? I see every missed invite as $20 in my wallet and a free afternoon.

The first thing we do when we plan a party is look at the calendar. As a matter of fact, the swim meet schedule is my homepage on the computer and my phone. I can’t plan a trip to Target without consulting if.

The girls were invited recently to a sleepover birthday party on a meet weekend. Sarah’s warm ups were at 6:30 AM. The mother was shocked that I wouldn’t let her stay. Did I mention her daughter was also supposed to swim? They scratched the Sunday meet. We did not.

Last year there was a Daisy Scout function that took place the same time as a soccer game. Half the team chose the Scout function over soccer leaving the team one player short. Sophie got quite a workout that day. The team lost but I can’t help but feel that the girls that played won.

Am I alone? I feel like if you commit to sports they should supersede parties and such right!?!

Grace just got invited to a Bat Mitzvah that is during the 11-12 girls session at a long course meet hosted by our club. The Bat Mitzvah is for a fellow swimmer. I thought her mother had surely screwed on the date. I was petrified of how I was going to break it to Grace that she was probably expected to swim.

For the first time the decision about which was more important, a party or a sporting event, was taken out of my hands. The coaches decided the kids who were 11-12 would swim Friday night and Sunday. This is the first long course meet of the season and the kids just started training. They were given permission to attend the event on Saturday.

I should feel relieved. I still am a little uneasy about the decision. Grace will be missing 100 back and 50 free. Two events that she has a real shot at qualifying for zones. She never does things the easy way, she usually needs a few swims to get it right.

I made a vow to be a little harder on her during long course season. She really wants Zones. She also really wants to participate in her friends important day.

I know I need to trust the coaches. Right?

One thought on “Party Foul

  1. Trust the coaches Yes thats what you pay them for.

    I try to work as best we can around Birthday parties, no overnights before meets are a rule at our house too. You can go but I am picking you up and your sleeping at home.

    I hope she gets those Zones.

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