My swim BFF

Okay, so I have my swim meet BFF. We don’t see each other often, maybe 2-3 times a year. But when we do, it reminds me just how awesome she is.

How did we meet? At a swim meet. She was had the dreaded double sessions, as did I. I knew I liked her right away. She cheerfully let me look at her heat sheet. A friend indeed. We spent the entire day chatting, a lot of “you are kidding, us too” going on that day. By the end of the day we were facebook friends and had already planned to sit together the following day. By day two our friendship was firmly solidified. So much so that a friend of mine asked how we knew each other and when we told her we had met the day before she almost fell out of the bleachers.

We see each other at the big meets and randomly our kids qualify for all of the same events! We cheer for both girls and she has a boy so we get to cheer for kids in both pools! I am always excited about hanging out with her. Her only downfall is she packs much better lunches than I do, the upside is that I have a good excuse to go out for dinner after the meets!

I think that she and I should start a swim meet site where you can meet and talk to other parents that go to the same meets. You can get to know other parents with similar interests or parenting styles and then you can plan to sit next to them at meets. We could even set up an online seat booking system so you don’t have to sit next to crazy losers (some people might think that because I don’t yell at my kids after meets I am a crazy loser). Almost like a dating site for swim parents. Heck we could even have a single and mingling section.

Back off though, Sherry is spoken for. She is mine.

4 thoughts on “My swim BFF

  1. If you could only come to our summer meets, we sell beer there! Thank goodness our girls have some meets together so I have something to look forward to besides a sore backside from the bleachers. I have sat beside some nuts before which you have covered a few of the types in your blog. We could rent an RV and host our own hospitality suite at meets. Only good swim parents get issued badges to enter.

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