Me and my OCD

I have what is probably the worst OCD ever if you are a swim mom.  I hate dirty laundry and I freak out if I am more than half a load behind.  Which sucks because my kids use 3 towels a day for swimming.  Grace showers at least twice a day.  Sophie and Sarah when I insist (but mom we swam yesterday).  They also change clothes before practice, for some reason they can’t wear their school clothes to the pool.  I encourage them to hang their towels and use them again but it often falls on deaf ears.  I also think anything that has been inside their swim bags for more than three minutes is contaminated.  We found ants in Grace’s last week.  Sarah’s bag weighs 50 lbs from 3/4 full drink bottles.

My kids also have a hard time deciding what to wear to school.  If Grace doesn’t like what she has chosen she throws it on the floor.  Often with a wet towel on top.  Sarah, she just shoves it in her laundry basket.

Thank goodness for Sophie.  She never second guesses her clothing choices.  I have often have to point out when people look at her outfits funny that she is a third child. Gotta love a kid who doesn’t bathe and doesn’t create excess laundry for me.   Uggs, gym shorts and a pool cover up?  Stylin.

(Yes, I know they should do their own laundry but then what would I bitch about?)


Your thoughts are?

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