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Religiously Wet

Since we’ve been doing A LOT of IMs lately in practice, you’d think that I wouldn’t be surprised tonight when the conclusion of our main set was a timed 400 IM. From a push. Killer race + huge waves + sleep-deprived teenager = I CAN’T WAIT FOR DINNER!

I respect IMers so much.

As this post is titled, My Thoughts During A 400 Individual Medly:


  1. Oh, yeah! (Think in Kool-Aid man’s voice). I’ve got this better than any of those slackers. Yee-haw!
  2. Gosh, I wish there were less waves. *Cough, cough, Chokes a little bit on water*
  3. Third length, best length. This is where I’ll kill ’em! [Continues to pass teammates.]
  4. Oh no, backstroke’s coming. Oh no, oh no…


  1. [Does underwater fly kicks past the 15-yard mark.] Maybe if I kick underwater the whole way, I’ll stand a chance.
  2. [Does 7 underwater fly kicks] Arm speed, arm speed…

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