Homework is hard for me

I have a hard time with my kids homework. Especially using the spelling words in a sentence. Fortunately, they are pretty good at it and don’t need too much help.

Sophie’s writing journal was laying out and I randomly turned to a page.

She wrote:

March 14

Tell me about your luckiest day.

I got 4th in 25 fly with 1 breath. I dove into the water. I took one breath and touched the wall. My coach and my mom were so proud of me!

I was. I am even more proud that she loves to swim. It makes it all worthwhile.

Today was my luckiest day!


5 thoughts on “Homework is hard for me

  1. When my brother was in grade one, his journal was sent home for “review,” meaning my mom had to read and sign it. It turns out it was full of tales of fantasy trips to Disney Land and baseball games with his step-dad. He doesn’t have a step-dad. Just regular, old, heartbroken dad.

    • I feel sad for heart broken dad. I hope your brother was just pretending.

      My daughter Sarah writes me letters when she is mad at me. Sometimes they break my heart. I have learned that if I don’t piss my kids off sometimes then I am not teaching then anything. Letting them do what ever they want in the easy way out.

      I won’t take my kids to Disney, I better go read the rest of her journal.

      • I know. He’s always been able to take things with a grain of salt. He had four girls before he had that boy. The man can handle his emotions! My brother explained later that he just felt his life was boring so he was just making up stories.

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