Nothing says “put down the ice cream” quite like

filling out the summer pool pass applications.

I have said all along that swim moms have it the worst but no one wants to believe me.

Most swim families spend their entire summer at the pool  We show up around 2:00 each day and leave around 8:30 in evening – we close the joint down.

The upside to this is that my kids eat dinner at the pool every night, thus my kitchen stays spotless.  We shower at the pool – guess whose bathrooms stay sparkling?  The kids will eat anything I put in front of them during the 15 minute breaks so I don’t have to listen to endless complaints about what I cooked and how much they hate it.  Sleeping in late in the morning is not a problem.

What is the downside you ask?  Bathing suit season for kids also means bathing suit season for mom.  Every day.  I would love to see Lacrosse Mom go sit at a tournament all day in a bikini.  Time to get busy and lose those extra few lbs.  Don’t ask me to go to lunch.  I am on a “mission”.


4 thoughts on “Nothing says “put down the ice cream” quite like

  1. Are you kidding me? I’ve seen your guns. Now get your perfect butt to GT and have lunch with me. You can have a salad.

  2. Funny you should say that, I just got an email from Lululemon that they are now selling swim suits and my first thought was “I need to go eat lunch with Steph”! Sushi next Thursday?

  3. You are right…that is a scary thought! This soccer mom is definitely not ready for a bikini, but I’m trying to put down the ice cream too. Sleeping late and no cooking sounds great, but I’m impressed if you’re out there in a bikini. Go for it!

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