Really? My phone isn’t charged?

Did she make zones?

Girls weekend was going well. Did I mention that through sheer dumb luck we had planned this get away over Cinco de Mayo? My personal favorite holiday.

Timing in swimming is everything so after a quick consultation of the timeline I knew 2:30 was the magic hour that she would swim the event she was most likely to make the cut for at this particular meet.

Around 1:00 realized that my iPhone/camera/gps/trip advisor/yelp reviewer was about to kick the bucket. I was in the red zone.

I was able to convince the crew that we needed to head to the room so we could pack up for a trip on the water taxi to a nearby island where we had planned to swim and sun.

I quickly plugged in the phone and then got ready as slowly as humanly possible. I got about 30 minutes of good charge in.

I have no plans to lose or drown my beloved phone and as such knew I needed to leave it behind

As luck would have it the ferry departed at 245. If dad was on the ball I could get what I needed and be on my way.

Timing is everything. Would the Water taxi be early? What if the meet was behind schedule? Could I take hours of not knowing? Was I losing my mind? (the answer to that is yes).

Time to wait.

Wait for it….wait for it….

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