Career advice from an orthopedic specialist?

Dr. – How did you get injured?
Sarah – Do you want details or in general.
Dr. – In general.
Sarah – playing soccer.

Dr. – Scale of 1-10 how bad does it hurt.
Sarah – 9.  Well, can you give me an example of 10 pain?
Dr. – 10 is an alligator eating your leg off.
Sarah – Yeah a 9.

Dr. -Does it feel tender here?
Sarah – What do you mean by tender?  LIke a sunburn tender or like food tender?

Dr. – We have a really cute brace for you.
Sarah – What is a cute brace?  I don’t want one that is pink.

Dr. – No physical activity for two weeks
Sarah – Do you mean shoving people physical or do you mean athletic physical?

Dr. – Do you have any questions?
Sarah – Why did the form ask me if I was pregnant?  I am 10.

Dr. – We would like you to come back in two weeks.
Sarah – Can we come during school, I would prefer to miss that more than swimming.

Dr. – Sarah, will you promise me you will go to law school?
Sarah – Why, do you think I would make a bad Marine Biologist?

Did I mention we have good insurance?

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