It is all in the details

I have a motto.  “Worry about today – today”.  And I live by it.  I literally wake up every day – look at what is going on for the day – and plot my attack accordingly.  I don’t even keep a calendar I just look on the school, swim team and soccer team websites and figure out what is going on.  I rarely rely on carpools and for the most part get my kids where they need to be.  Early.  (Have I mentioned I am OCD about being early).

This summer was starting to feel a little tricky so I splurged at Target and bought a calendar.  I know that I could easily track events on my iphone but I really felt the need to see the entire summer at a glance.  I also bought my very own pencils that the kids can’t use.  I was so proud.

I spent an afternoon on websites and reading saved emails to jot everything down.  I felt so organized.  Almost like a grown up.

Today I left it lying on my kitchen calendar next to a cup of coffee and this is what happened:

I have to say I am pretty glad I didn’t put all my appointments into my iphone.  I think flying by the seat of my pants was easier.

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