My little secret

I can’t swim.  At all.

The really interesting part…I love the water.  Well, the ocean that is.  I just spent a few days in Florida with a friend who is a swim coach.  She has seen my attempts to swim.  Ok, that is a lie, I don’t attempt to swim.  She has seen me sit in chairs around the pool, sit on the pool edge or walk in to mid-thigh and slash water on my shoulders.  From time to time I will do a cannon ball off the dive and doggy paddle to the side.  I like to entertain.  For the most part I am knows as “the hater of water”.

She was shocked to learn that I love the ocean.  I can spend hours in or on the water.  The ocean is peace to me.

I feel guilty that I can’t swim a proper stroke and that I have no idea how to swim a single lap.  I feel that if I were to learn this is something we could share as a family.

In all honesty I have no interest in learning how to swim.  I am not going to drown if I fall off a boat.  That is good enough for me.  Oddly enough, I love to go to the pool and literally count down the number of days until it opens.  Did I mention it opens Saturday?  Probably a little late to start my summer diet.  I hope no one else started theirs last month…Happy days of summer here we come!

One thought on “My little secret

  1. I can swim all four strokes but hate the feel of water. I stand on the edge of the shower turn my back to the water and slow work my way into the water. There is no standing in the shower and letting the water run over my face. I go in the pool to cool off when absolutely necessary but that is about it. My kids think I can’t swim even though I have shown them the ribbons from my swIm team years.

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