If changing out of a practice suit were an Olympic Event

Grace would be a gold medal winner.  In the summer the minute practice is over, that thing is off and the bikini on.  Like faster than she can do a 50 fly.  Crazy fast.  She says it is the tan lines.  I also think she likes to make the distinction between work and play.

I am grateful my kids like the pool beyond swim practice.  We are known for pulling “all-dayers”. Being there from the time the pool opens until the time it closes.  My kids get exercise, it is cheap and my house stays spotless.  Can’t beat that.

I just ordered the girls new practice suits and “fun suits”.  What confuses me is that my 12-year-old still loves the Dolfin Uglies which really live up to their name.  I find them to be quite unattractive.  They do hold up forever but wow, someone got rich creating a mismatched suit out of childlike prints that tweeners love.  (and why wasn’t that someone me?)  I also ordered her a two piece from Hollister.  I am not sure whose body those were designed for but I would be a XXL.  If they made my size.  I guess she is a little bit grown up and still a child at heart.

Summer swim team starts today.  A summer filled with fun and friends.  And fast wardrobe changes.  See ya at the pool.

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