Avenging the DQ

The dreaded DQ.  A few years ago we decided that DQ’s should be a celebratory event, worthy of a trip to Dairy Queen.

As we all know, everyone has been disqualified at a meet at one time or another.  Grace was once DQ’d in an IM by…her own father.  A friend of hers came up laughing, haha you got DQ’d by your dad.  Grace said “yeah watch out he is ruthless, you might be next”.  They are a learning experience.  Mistakes are easy to fix, especially once acknowledged (or shoved down your throat as the case sometimes may be!).

Not only has everyone been disqualified but EVERY SINGLE swimmer I know has been disqualified unfairly (according to them).

Sophie is still pissed about the time she got disqualified for a one hand touch in breaststroke (they “missed” the second hand which somehow was “covered” by the first hand).

Sarah got disqualified two summers ago for who knows what and she is still mad about it.

There is always the one you never forget and think you will never get over.  Grace got disqualified two summers ago at All-Stars for a false start in back stroke.  She would have been 4th in our summer swim league.  We did what every good stupid swim parents should do.  We came home and consulted the stroke and turn manual.  Remember dad is a stroke and turn judge and he knows everything and he said she shouldn’t be disqualified.  AND there is was, page 52, paragraph 4A – if blah blah blah, then blah blah blah.  The IF happened but the then (reset) did not and as a result she was disqualified for a false start.

We toyed with the idea of complaining.  Sure, it was right there on the iphone video for the whole world to watch but then we would be known as the assholes who complained.  We decided to declare her the 4th place winner anyways.  And decided that the best course of revenge was to wait two years to show them who really was the backstroke queen.

Two years have passed and this is the summer to rightfully declare herself the backstroke queen of Montgomery Count.  As luck and hard work would have it, she no longer cares.  Goals are much higher now and that DQ two years ago is a distant memory.

The reality is, as swimmers, our kids are making constant progress.  A DQ is nothing more than a temporary and small setback.  The bigger and better things are yet to come.  I promise.


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