The DQ, part 2

One of the things I have learned about DQ’s in the past year is…deal with it.

If it is deserved, learn from it.  Fix the mistakes.  Get over it.  It happens.  Move on.

If it isn’t?  Get over it.  It happens.  Move on.

For the love of swimming, please do not protest it – even if you do have it on video on your beloved iphone (Apple needs to pay for some of my kids swimming don’t you think?).

Unless this is the Olympics, or the Olympic time trials it isn’t worth protesting.  I think about Grace’s “wrongful DQ” on 25 back two years ago.  She never swam another 25 again.  She aged up shortly thereafter and went to all 50’s in the summer and hadn’t swam a 25 with her club since she was 8.  NO ONE will ever care that at the age of 10, Grace was charged with a false start in a 25 back in some outdoor pool in Maryland.  No one EVER will care.  If they do, find new friends.

I am going to give the stroke and turn gods the benefit of the doubt.  Grace has been swimming over 6 years now and we have had one crappy call.  One.

I would like to know how many they missed?  I say we call it even.  I am probably being generous to the swimmer.  Those wrong calls are like a get out of jail free pass.

Your thoughts are?

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