Soccer rockers in the house tonight

Yesterday marks the end of the beginning. Sarah has played soccer with the Red Hots for four years now. They are a tight nit group with an amazing track record and a coach that we think the world of. These girls have grown up together and have also matured as athletes.

As such, it is time to bid a fond farewell to our recreation soccer league. The girls will we moving together to a select league. They have decided that in the spirit of out with the old, in with the new, they need a new team name. The mighty Red Hots are no more.

Two years ago when coach K asked the girls what they would like to do for their end of the year party, one of the girls suggested taking a limo to Paris. The girls thought this was a splendid idea. The idea, while impractical was not forgotten.

This seasons last game was cancelled. The fields were too wet. Coach K held a final practice in its place. The girls ran drills and scrimmaged for an hour. At the end she ha them all facing her, away from the road. A limo pulled up and opened its doors. The girls were told to turn around and sprint towards the road. Holy high-pitched yelling.

The girls were driven for ice cream and then arrived at a local pool for a party and awards ceremony. A wonderful time was had by all. A lot of fond memories have been made with these girls and I look forward to many more.

Two very predictable things happened at the party. The first – Sophie was pissed she didn’t get to ride in the limo. The second? Check out Sarah’s award!  Be sure to read this if you haven’t:

The Trophy Wife




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