Brownie Troop Dropout

I have learned not to blindly sign my kids up for activities anymore.  At the end of fall soccer I signed Sophie up for spring soccer.  When spring rolled around and I mentioned the season was about to start, without pause she said “but I didn’t want to play anymore”.  Fortunately, I was able to talk her into one more season and I got my $65 out of it (barely).  She has officially retired from soccer.  For the time being.  It’s all good, she didn’t have what it takes to play soccer, she would rather sing and chase butterflies.  I can’t blame her.

Early bird registration for Brownies is due so I asked her if she planned to continue with her troop in the fall.  This will be their 4th year together and the leader is wonderful.  I am sure the leader is an active participant on pinterest, she might even be friends with Martha Stewart in real life.  She puts me to shame.

I was a little surprised that Sophie’s immediate response was NO.  I made the mistake of asking “are you sure”.  Self doubt creeped in and she asked me to decide for her.  I told her to think about it for 30 minutes and come back to be with in answer.  In 24 minutes she came back to me with a no.

Her leader someone I consider a personal friend so I knew I was going to have to give her some sort of reason.  I simply told her that Sophie wasn’t much a joiner and that a sorority probably wasn’t in her future.  I don’t think she understood.  As a very outgoing person myself, I don’t always understand Soph either.  But I do respect her.

Sophie has a best friend.  That best friend has never changed and they have never argued.  Sophie is fine being home with us.  She doesn’t care when her sissies go off and she is left behind.  She doesn’t need a lot of people and she doesn’t really need things.  She likes to swim.  She likes to be in a lane with quiet kids who play by the rules.  She doesn’t need to know their names.

Sophie isn’t the 8-year-old swim champion of the world.  But she is happiest when she is in the water.  When she isn’t practicing she can often be found alone, floating around the pool, singing a song.  I like that she knows herself at 8 and has found her peace with that.  I’m a little jealous.

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