Don’t kill my concessions

Last year I took over concessions for the Saturday morning summer meets.

My kids love it. They “help” for “free” food. I am entertained when my kids act all welfare over free food. Last I checked ALL of their food is free. Although it is tempting to present them with a bill at the end of each meal. I would also expect a nice gratuity from them. I may implement this policy.

It is also fun for me. I work at several nearby gyms as a group fitness instructor. I love to see people from the gym at meets but none of them come up to me at concessions. Rather they send their kids over. They are literally afraid to buy a donut or chicken biscuit from me. But they still buy them which is good, the concessions are our best fund-raiser.

This summer we have a new swim coach who is going to be educating the kids on proper nutrition before, during and after a race. While I applaud this effort, I am worried about what will happen to my 8 dozen donuts if her message actually gets through. Maybe we can discount them to our opposing team and their parents. Is there a market for kale chips and spinach smoothies at concessions? It would make me quite happy if there were.

In somewhat related news, Grace got all best times this weekend. Except in her last race. She ate a chocolate donut about fifteen minutes before hand. I would like to say she won’t make that mistake again. I suspect she will.

2 thoughts on “Don’t kill my concessions

  1. You are brave woman to sign up to be the concessions chair. We generally guilt the last person that signs their kid up for the team into the job. And there is always a battle between what sells and what is healthy. So far, candy wins every time.

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