Who do I love more Linkin Park or my kid?

I teach spin (Indoor cycling) and Linkin Park is my all time favorite band on the bike!  I joke all the time that I want them to play a live concert that I can teach a class to.

I decided to check if they were coming to DC metro this summer.  Of course they are.  Right in the middle of Zones.

Let’s see…watch my kid swim?  Go see Linkin Park?  Hmmm….What to do, what to do…Oh Grace, you are oh so lucky I love you.  Although, let’s be real, at meets I am nothing more than a breathing ATM.  No, I am sure my presence means the world to her…Wait, I can probably drive this and no one will know…

5 thoughts on “Who do I love more Linkin Park or my kid?

  1. How old is your kid?…you could take your kid too! I am a big fan of them and at least a track or two is on every playlist for classes I teach spinning 2 days/ 530am! My 19 y.o. is an even bigger fan, he just bought tickets for our family…himself, dad , and for me, my birthday in August! I am so very excited and will spin even faster !

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