The pool didn’t get smaller

Part One

Grace is coming in to the wall and I decide to look up 1.14 and ticking. She is close. 1.15. Still hauling. She is definitely close. She finally touches at 1.15.95! So close!

It was a jump for joy and an oh shit moment all wrapped up in one. She blew through her goal time and missed the zone cut by three tenth of a second. Hallmark does not make a card for this occasion. That pool was just too long!

I had no idea what her reaction would be. She actually came to find me. I was shocked. She needed money. And then she asked to go home. As much as I would have love to have taken her home at that point she still had to swim 100 free and a relay. Reminding her of this brought on the tears. She was done.

She decided to cheer herself up with a donut. It might have made her happier but it didn’t make her faster. She added a second on free and I watched 8 teams swim the most non-enthusiastic relays ever. It was OVER. We were so excited. UNTIL….

Her coach told us she was swimming another long course meet next Sunday. I am all for second chances but this news would have been better received in a few days.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Grace did better than she had expected. And I ate less than normal.

Oh and about the small world…I was talking to this wonderful family that also has three girls, same age as mine. They swim for the same club but at a different location. Grace swam a relay with their oldest at a recent meet and was excited to connect a name she had seen for years to a face. As I was talking to them towards the end of the meet they asked me if I wrote a blog. Slightly more embarrasing than being caught reading “50 Shades of Grey”! I am interested in seeing if they run the other way next time they see me at a meet! Their oldest daughter is has an injury that kept her from the last day of the meet. I hope she is back at the next meet and feeling 100%.

Your thoughts are?

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