You say tomato

She says orange.

Sarah and I decided to grow a garden this year. Most of you are laughing right now I know. And you have good reason. We decided to grow strawberries, cucumbers, cilantro, basil and tomatoes. I wish we could grow buffalo mozzarella. Maybe next year.

One of our tomatoes fell off the vine while still green. I placed it on our outdoor table in the sunlight and within a few hours it turned into a magnificent orange color.

Sarah and I made the mistake of not consulting Sophie on our garden selection. Sophie is a big fan of mandarin oranges and while not indigenous to Maryland would certainly be beautiful growing in our backyard. Sophie in her infinite 8-year-old wisdom decided that we had in fact planted oranges and not tomatoes.

I started with the logical. The plastic stick in the pot clearly said tomatoes. Sophie – someone probably swapped them out.

Then I went to the obvious – if you look at how the plant is growing it is clearly a vegtable…and then Sophie chimed in tomatoes are actually a fruit – this puts me near the edge.

She and I go round and round for a long period of time. Finally I give in.

Sophie, tomorrow we cut it open and eat it and we will see what it is. That happened today. She said it tasted like an orange. It is a tomato. At least I though it was. Self doubt creaps in. What if it is a 2 ft tall orange tree? Why do they give old people kids?



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