First day of summer break

I love summer!  I love the warm weather, lack of a schedule (other than the intense swim schedule), no homework and watching my kids have fun.

I was once criticized for making the joke that I start my summer countdown calendar on the first day of school.  My “friend” suggested that when I say that I live for summer I am sending the message to my children that no other seasons are worth living for.  I am pretty sure my kids understand my use of exaggeration and hyperbole.  Although I do hate winter.  I am solar-powered, I need the sun.

I don’t literally have a summer countdown calendar but it might be something fun I could create and sell to fellow summer lovers like myself.  It could be like an overgrown advent calendar.  There is probably a market for this.

My house always feels cleaner in the summer.  We usually eat at the pool, laundry is minimized and the bathrooms are much cleaner because my kids shower at the pool.  At least I thought they did.

I asked Sophie this morning when the last time she took a bath was.  She was looking a little rough.  She asked a question that sparked some concern.  “With soap?”  Note to self, make sure shampoo, conditioner and soap get added to the pool bag.

I may have to ship her to Florida to live with her grandparents if her hygiene doesn’t improve.

I suppose a shower is overrated if you spend 4 hours a day in the water.

Your thoughts are?

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