When you lose some you win some

Yesterday was the first meet in our summer swim league.  We are in the second highest division and with a huge change in coaching this summer, victory wasn’t really expected.  Reality lived up to expectations.  The good news is we didn’t get clobbered.  The bad news?  Those meets are heading our way.

I know I am supposed to care that we lost as a team but I left that meet with my head held high.  For my girls.  The did an amazing job.  All three swam their hearts out.  Grace swept the 11-12 events that she entered, earning 4 individual blue ribbons and one more for a relay – plus four All-Start times.  She has her eye on two pool and team records.  She gave it a good try Saturday but feel short.  I am dying for them to post All-Star results so we can see how she stacked up against her competitors at other pools.  Refresh, refresh, refresh…come on…

Sarah, who I didn’t necessary expect would make the A meets not only made this one but also proved to herself that she belonged there.  Her goal for this summer was to get one All-Star time.  She came two tenths of a second from it!  If you asked her, the highlight of the meet was that she ate her weight in nachos and snow-cones.

As far as old Sophie goes, I simply hoped she wouldn’t cry!  For giggles I threw Sophie in a technical suit that was given to us by a friend.  I love to make fun of 8 year olds in tech suits and I hope someone made fun of me!  No one did – to my face anyways.  Sophie didn’t cry and swam her little heart out.

The Saturday meets always end with a graduated free style relay.  Sophie and Grace earned spots on the A relay for our team!  They came in first and were three seconds off a pool record!  Sophie hesitated about three seconds before diving in!  If we can get Sophie quick on her feet they may break a pool record.  Even better, they beat the boys A relay by 1 second!  Girl power!

In the end, the team still lost.  But here at the Elliott house, it felt like a victory.  The team we swim against next weekend says we are going down.  And we probably will.  Whatever.

The biggest win of the day?

Well, the pool always gets the best out of Sophie.  I cherish the Sophie passed out photo ops.  Today was no exception:

Photo: Sophie swims her heart out but in the end the swim meet always wins.

Your thoughts are?

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