Record breaking deal

Grace would like to break two pool records this summer.  They belong to a swimmer from another team who is a year older than Grace.  She is really close on both of them and is hoping Saturday is her day.

One tiny problem.  In the process of breaking the pool record, she will also break the team record.  Which belongs to a very good friend of hers, also a year older.

Is this a game changer?  No.

There is no guarantee that Grace will break either record.  She wants to.   She hopes to.  She is going to give it her all.

We aren’t talking about it too much.  We can cross the what happens next bridge if/when we come to it.  But I can also see it is weighing heavily on her mind.  It is an interesting position to be in at 12.  At 42 if I were to beat a friends record we would high-five, laugh and go have nachos and margaritas.  At 42 the only competition that I am in with my friends is who can read 50 Shades of Grey fastest!  I once almost had it out with a friend over a pair of red shiny shoes but it turned out that they had two pairs in our size.  As an adult, it is hard to put these situations into perspective.

She either will or won’t.  No use in worrying about it.  Can we pretend there isn’t an elephant in the pool?

Your thoughts are?

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