Am I 12?

My favorite group is LMFAO.  I admit, for my age, I have really bad taste in music.  My kids will often bring me money, asking me to buy something for them from itunes.  More often than not I already own the song – I upload it and take their money.  Usually they stole the money from my purse.  That is how we roll.

I often use LMFAOisms in my speak, usually goes over the head of my more intelligent friends.  One of my favorites is “I work out”.  Which I in fact, do.

I was uploading photos from this weekends swim meet and learned a something scary.  My 12-year-old is in much better shape than I am.  What just happened?  I guess I should change it to “I work out?”.

Did I mention I am actually going to see LMFAO in concert tomorrow night?  I may not be 12 but I can act it sometimes.  Right?

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Your thoughts are?

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