Not in the cards

50 Backstroke

Pool Record – 34.38
Team Record – 34.27

Grace’s time – 34.47

As a non swimmer, it is hard for me to comprehend one or two tenths of a second. I do know, it may as well be an hour. It’s the classic case of could have, would have, should have.

Grace did the only reasonable thing she could do after the race. She cried. Having gone through the summer of tears with her last year, I have this one figured out. I told her it was a great race and she looked great. She said she could have done better and “I am pissed off at myself for blowing the turn”. Holy shit Grace, did you just say you were pissed off? I am calling this one a victory.

I am sorry but I don’t care that my daughter was crying on the pool deck. She was mad at herself, disappointed and bummed. She is allowed to feel this way.

She was also criticized for crying. Who cries when they just got first? Who cries when they are #4 in two states for summer rec leagues? A kid who wants more that is who. A blue ribbon is irrelevant. My kid is not a prima donna. Nothing has come easy for her and she has worked her ass off the last year and has decided she wants it all. Rock on Grace. Two years ago I would have judged her myself. I now know better.

During our conversation I hugged her, kissed her on her forehead and she was smiling through the tears. I am proud of her. Because she did cry.

Fix that turn baby. Own it.

50 back

Your thoughts are?

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