I may not be a Doctor

But I can diagnose swimmers ear.  Sophie can.  She is 8.

Sophie started complaining about it yesterday morning and by this afternoon she was in excruciating pain.  And of course we are out of the antibiotic drops.

I was nervous about calling the Doctor, she is not one to call in prescriptions without seeing the kids and we are both on the same page about not using antibiotics unless absolutely necessary.

I got the nurse.  I could hear her talking to the Doctor – there was a small back and forth as to whether I needed to come in.  I made the mistake of giving my first name.   The girls doctor then picked up the phone asked our last name.  I told her and then I got the two words I was hoping to hear.  NO PROBLEM.

I try not to be known as “that family” but in this particular case, being “that family that swims” paid off.  Drops are in.  And we are off to a swim meet!  Hope they work their magic.

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