Please take me to practice!

Mom, will you make me some eggs?
Can we get to practice early?
Can I do both practices today?
I am going to do some crunches.
I need to get to bed early tonight.

Can we watch SWIMMING?  Please?

I would personally like to thank the 2012 Olympic Trials for motivating my girls to do all of the things that we (mom, dad and coaches) have been preaching for years.  They are no longer watching Toddlers and Tiaras but rather are glued to the Olympic Trials.

This summer we get to watch lots of amazing swimmers in the Olympics!  I am also fascinated watching future potential Olympians at every meet I go to.  No, not just the 8-year-old who is top ten in the country but also the kid stepping into the pool for the first time because the Olympics inspired them.

It gives my girls hope that hard work, hard work and hard work will get you there.  I am good with that.

Your thoughts are?

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