Before and After

I stumbled upon these photos today. This is Sophie 3 years ago at the age of 5 in her first mini meet. Yes she is crying. And I literally threw her in the pool to make (force) her to swim. I am quite sure I was judged that day. I also gained the respect of a few people. I did it because I was fairly certain this would happen:

I got lucky. Sometimes we have to trust our mommy instincts and force our kids to do things they think they don’t want to. Or think they will hate. Or they are certain they can’t.

She is alive and well three years later.

And has turned into a bit of bad ass in the pool lately. She still cries sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. Love this post! We wanted Casey do swim team this year but he didn’t want to. I told him he was doing it regardless but Gina caved in and let him off the hook. He would love it if he just tried it.

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