Week 4 Goal

We swim five consecutive Saturday meets and the sixth week is divisionals.  My girls all swim year round so we usually see their best times the first two weeks and then things don’t really change too much.

The first couple of weeks are really fun.  There is usually a slight nip in the air, pleasant breeze and the kids are all having a blast.  Week 4 rolls in and everyone (grown ups and kids alike) are done.  Tired, broke and lacking in enthusiasm.  To add insult to injury, it was nearly 100 degrees by 8 AM and the air was at a dead standstill.

I asked Sarah and Sophie to do their very best, in order for them to maintain their position on their team.  Grace was favored to win every race by 4 all the way to 12 seconds.  For the first time EVER in her swimming career I told her simply to win.  I almost feel guilty telling her that she didn’t need to kill herself trying for best times or pool records.  She has a relay carnival tomorrow, a long course meet Tuesday, a meet next Saturday and four days of meets the following weekend.

It’s hard as a competitor to almost do your best but there is a time and place for it.  Timers were woozy, swimmers were fainting and parents were nauseous.

She brought home a handful of blues and scored more points for the team than anyone else.  Tomorrow she has a shot to qualify for All-Star relays.  Tuesday a shot to qualify for zones.

Todays goal – don’t lose.  Sorry for that but it had to be said.

Your thoughts are?

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